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Opening Reception: Olivia Jones- Hernandez


The work of Olivia Jones-Hernandez seeks to depict something lost, lonely, and unknown that is simultaneously inviting, familiar and warm. In her current series, "Departure", there is an exploration of the emotions experienced when forcing oneself to leave their comfort zone in search of the unknown in order to grow. Using colors and faces associated with home juxtaposed with abstraction and highly textured surfaces, the image is blurred. The distortion of the imagery is a reflection of the anticipated change that will occur from leaving her comfort zone. "Departure" is a commemoration of everything around her that makes Olivia feel safe, and everything that she will leave behind in order to grow and experience a new facet of life. This realization that nothing can be kept forever is an inevitable aspect of life that most experience, and is easiest to accept only as it is occurring. Olivia Jones-Hernandez is an artist who creates both visual and sound works. She has been developing her style for over a decade and any medium she works in explores different realms of the abstract and the figure. She studied painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received her Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art from CSUCI in 2015. She has shown her work throughout Ventura County as well as Los Angeles, Chicago, and most recently, in Japan. Please join her Friday, December 2, 5-8:00pm, for her opening reception at 643 Project Space.