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Opening Reception: Julia Pinkham, Friday, Feb.3, 5-8:00pm

“Ephemera OS"

Julia Pinkham's work are created "Ala Prima" on wide, heavyweight paper. She works with paper either rolled out on the floor or pinned onto the walls of her studio. She works with acrylic paints, pens and pencils, often using brushes attached to long handles in order to further free up the painting process. Although she regularly uses sketchbooks to review and sketch out ideas before she starts a new painting, she mostly relies on creating these works deliberately  without a preconceived plan. Instead, she prefers to freely apply the paint and follow her instincts as she works. Julia says that, "the blank wallpaper base is wonderful in the way it immediately absorbs the paint and keeps the brush strokes fresh. I can't go back and fuss over the marks I make." Working with giant rolls of yards and yards of 54" paper, she can simply roll up her paintings as she goes along. Julia says that this process, "allows me to be in the moment and work without concern for results, or the temporary nature of paper however oversized it may be." Julia has been self-employed as an artist since 1979. Her work has been strongly influenced by her fascination with the natural world and organic forms. Her current series of gestural abstract paintings, done with mixed media and acrylic on both canvas and paper, reflect her ongoing interest in both the Surrealist's "automatic painting" and the Abstract Expressionist movements in American Art. Please join Julia Friday, February 3, 5-8:00pm, for her opening reception at 643 Project Space.